Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Decions, decisions..and patience

A rainy day at the beach gives me time to think and research.  I love researching topics of interest.  Now that I am semi-retired and can't travel much, I have time to read all those files and papers that I have stored up.  To me it is fun and doesn't feel like work because the mission of helping children has never been work to me but rather a passion.

While I am trying to decide what the next decade of my life will be and having to take the time to be reflective since I can't actively engage, I am reading books like ENCORE which give me food for thought.  Do I want to go off in some direction entirely new to me...like my interest in real estate?    Do I want to go in to some kind of sales....I always blow the top off of those what line of work should you do ..always comes out with sales and marketing at the top.  But what would I sell that I am passionate about?  One thing I do know it will not be in health care!

Would it be fun to give away money instead of always being the one asking for it...I know I could make better decisions than some I have seen over the year by well intentioned folks.  Or do I want to ride the waves of uncertainty and just let life happen.

I do know that whatever I do when all this is over I want to travel and spend time with my grandkids.  They grow up way too fast and I don't want to miss it.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tomorrow is my first grandchild's birthday.   I cannot believe it has been 10 years.  Her other grandma and I had our ears to the door as we anxiously awaited that tiny cry.  It had to be one of the most exciting days of my entire life.  I truly fell in love that day and have never had a single day that I have not thought of this sweet child who has brought me such joy.  I thought that I could never love like this again but realize that with each and every one of my special children comes new joy.  Until you become a grandma you never know this kind of love that overwhelms you.  Your days become so much better because just a thought of the grandkids brings a smile.

Now while little Emma turns 10 (actually one of my favorite ages)  I am looking forward to having some time with her this summer.  She has already told me that she wants to bring a friend to the beach.  They grow up too fast.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Life certainly can throw us some curves.  I retired on January 31.  Plans in the works for years was to play golf and travel.  I did not anticipate that Scott would be terminally ill and that my life would center around being a caretaker.  I am not complaining...it is what it is.   When you get married it is for better or worse and in sickness and health.  I don't think we really think it about it that much on that exciting day but realize as time and years pass that those words take on a new meaning.

The time to think which I am not sure I had much of in recent years has given me pause to think about what is next after this transition.  I call it transition because it will also be a stage of my life not a permanent part of my life.

I also realize that I need to do something constructive.  Some of my immediate plans need to be put on hold and while I really want to coach, mentor and help other leaders across the country my travel is limited so rethinking what I can do to help without travel.

Watch for more blogging and other things coming down the pipe.  Need to be creative!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


One more week of full time employment with CISNC. On Feb 1, I move to part time consultant and will start my own independent consulting firm. I will be offering primarily coaching and advising to non profit and education leaders, public speaking and some advocacy work. I hope that I can do a little teaching along the way too.

I am excited about my new venture. I will remain as a Senior Advisor to the CISNC team to ensure a smooth transition and help our outstanding new director get firmly established. It has always been said that one should leave when you are at the top...certainly I feel that I have reached the top of the mountain. This past year has been a bit challenging with Scott's medical issues but we have the best outcome report we ever had, raised the most money and have and incredible staff in place to help Eric take CIS to the next level.

Friday, December 21, 2012

No more guns

As the nation continues to grieve the loss of young lives we as a nation need to commit to make the needed changes to our gun laws that prevent future incidents.  Gun control is not elimination of guns but rather being more thoughtful and strategic about what kind of guns are allowed to be bought and sold and who can buy them.  

There is absolutely no reason for any assault weapons to be allowed in the hands of the average citizen.  NO REASON!   For those that feel the need to carry a concealed weapon upon proper registration, background checks and a three day waiting period then go for it.   Not sure why anyone would need a concealed weapon but that is personal.

As a history major it is very clear to me that the amendment was never written to allow the citizens to have assault weapons that would allow random acts of violence to be perpetrated among our citizens. The amendment was passed to keep a foreign power from seizing property of landowners and to protect the people from foreign invasion.

Enough is enough!!!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Is it time????

It has been forever since I blogged...I actually forget about it....but summer is here and the living is easy.....love the summer. Cool winds, white sandy beach, time to read and relax, play on my computer and enjoy the good life. Really thinking seriously about retiring and spending more time just having fun...no stress...enjoy the grandkids and love just being free to do what I want. I love my work or I should say our mission but think age is catching up. I know I will miss the hectic life but also think it will be great to lay back some...wish I coud take a few years off and try it and then go back if I am bored but life does not work that way.

Oh well...more time to think...no instant decisions....a process of thinking future forward

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just found out today that my baby boy got engaged...now understand that he is 31 but in my heart it just seems like yesterday he was in to skateboards, baseball and junior golf. He was such a fun kid. He had such a great personality and his smile would melt the heart of even the most hardened teacher (which he often had to use) He was not into school but loved to learn. His middle name as a little boy was 'WHY?" You could answer and then he would ask why then another why. He graduated from high school (not sure he ever finished a book) but did quite well and played golf so well he won a golf scholarship to Va Tech. After a couple of years felt it was too cold and he really wanted to go to Carolina (much to my dismay since I was teaching at NC State) but it was the right decision for him and while I think he majored in golf, he did manage to get a degree in Economics. He move to Charleston, then Charlotte and now lives in New York. I had hoped he would come home before he met that special someone but God had other plans and has blessed him with a beautiful young lady who I believe really is his soul-mate. Call it Mom's intuition or instinct but I knew when I met her she was the one...he had described the kind of girl he wanted and Ginni certainly was the picture.

I am so proud of him....not sad that I will be giving him away to another woman but know that with Ginni I will always have my son. A mothers love just grows and embraces all those who love her children. I love my son-in-law like my own so know that Ginni will be another daughter.